Best Fit Smart Lens

The Best Fit Smart Lenses were developed to correct special cases in patients with oblate corneas, oblate corneas plus high astigmatism and irregular corneas showing low curvature levels.

Best Fit Smart Lens M (BFM) – Reverse Curve
These lenses were designed with a very smooth reverse curve resulting in ideal centralization, comfort and exceptional tear exchange for corneas with oblate center caused by myopia treatment or other causes.

Best Fit Smart Lens X (BFX) – Toric Reverse Curve
These lenses have been designed with two reverse curves and one aspheric intermediate curve for a very smooth fit on oblate corneas with high astigmatismo, what is very common in post transplant patients, mainly after ectasia. Other indications are: pellucid marginal degeneration, post ring surgery in central keratoconus, hydropsy and other situations where the córnea shows this configuration.